Heliex Test Centre


About Us

Heliex Test Centre

Our in-house state of the art test & research centre enables us to expand the performance of our current products and develop new uses for our core technology.

We have also recently introduced a 100% test programme on all patented technology within production as well as full pre-delivery testing.

A complete generator set connected to the power grid allows us to accurately recreate our customers systems, and optimise performance.

This comprehensive and unique testing facility enables us to stay at the forefront of our industry and provide customers with innovative new technology with repeatable quality.

The test are operated by seasoned professional engineers and our facilities include:

  • Coil boilers providing up to 8 tonnes/hour of steam at pressures up to 30 barg. 
  • 3 test cells including 160 kW and 600 kW dynamometers and a complete genset rig connected to the national grid.
  • Comprehensive real time data acquisition and analysis systems.