Austrian District Heating Case Study


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Austrian District Heating

Industry: District Heating

Application: Biomass

Country: Austria

Power: 132kW

Model: HP145

Steam in/out: 23 Bar G /10 Bar G

The modification of a biomass heating plant to a small cogeneration plant brings financial and sustainable benefits to an Austrian town. 

THE CLIENT is a leading energy provider that develops, creates and operates power plants from renewable energy sources, with around 60 plants in Austria. Heliex's Austrian channel partner, Recuperation, and Enzesberger Ingenieurbüro KG, planned the project.


Beginning in 2014, Heliex’s steam expander technology was presented to the management of
They were interested in technologies that would generate electricity alongside the heat from their biomass system as part of an upgrade to their 6 MW th biomass district heating plant in the town of Obertrum.


A Heliex GenSet was chosen because it's an ideal solution for a district heating scheme due to its flexibility in operation, particularly at partial load conditions. It delivers a consistent power output, whatever the demands of the network.
The GenSet has a rated power output of 132kWe. Since installation availability has been high, with only very short outages for maintenance.
8600 operational hours are expected every year and a fuel cost of around €30/MWh means that generating a low cost supply of power is highly economical.

Typical payback is under 3 years, even without subsides.