Biomass Case Study


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Industry: District Heating
Application: Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
Country: UK
Power: 106kWe
Model: HP145
Steam in/out: 16.5 Bar G /1.5 Bar G

The integration of a Heliex GenSet to an existing biomass boiler provides a cost effective and reliable Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution.

Our client owns and operates a 3.5MW steam raising biomass boiler fuelled by locally sourced wood chip, which is used for district heating.

Keen to maximise returns and the sustainability of their project, our client investigated a number of CHP technologies, allowing them to generate electricity at the same time as heat. It was decided that Heliex offered the most reliable and cost effective solution.

The Solution
A Heliex HP145 GenSet utilises the steam raised in the biomass boiler to generate 106kW of electricity, which is used to power the boiler plant room and is eligible for financial incentives under the Renewable Obligations Certificate (ROC’s) scheme. Heliex undertook the supply, commissioning and on-site training, while the client oversaw installation.

In this instance the client is not applying for the Solid biomass CHP systems tariff under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme for heat generated from a renewable source because their biomass boiler was commissioned prior to December 2013. For newer projects, the system would be eligible for the Solid Biomass CHP Systems tariff, guaranteed for 20 years, in many cases offering a return on investment for the Heliex System of under one year.