Chemical Manufacturing Case Study


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Chemical Manufacturing

Industry: Chemical
Application: Pressure Reduction valve (PRV)
Country: UK
Power: 2 x 123kWe
Model: 2 x HP145 
Steam in/out: 17 Bar G /2.5 Bar G

Forward thinking international chemicals manufacturer convert their existing waste steam into useable electrical power with the implementation of two Heliex HP145 GenSets, saving the company an estimated £122,150 per year

Our client is a global speciality chemicals company with a regional centre in the North of England. The process for the chemical products made on site results in significant wasted energy in the form of steam.

Committed to sustainable development, our client investigated how to exploit the wasted energy in their steam, which is raised at 17 Bar G and then dropped to 2.5 Bar G for their processes.

The Solution
Two Heliex HP145 GenSets sit in parallel with the Pressure Reductions Valve (PRV) in the existing steam distribution system. This will deliver significant economic benefits, while allowing additional operational flexibility and retaining the ability to generate considerable power during the times when one machine is down for maintenance.

Thanks to the simple installation of two Heliex GenSets our client enjoys carbon saving of 348.1 Tonnes and financial savings of an estimated £122,150 each year, with a payback of just under 3 years.