Chicken Litter #2


Case Studies

Chicken Litter #2

Industry: Poultry

Application: Biomass

Country: UK

Power: 132 kW

Model: Heliex GenSet HP145

Steam in/out: 18 bar g / 1 bar g

A UK poultry farm benefits from significant carbon and cost savings after installing a litter burning boiler and Heliex GenSet as part of site expansion. 


Our client is a UK biomass developer working with an end user who operates a 28,000 bird poultry farm, in the West Midlands.


As part of a site expansion, upgrading to five chicken sheds, the end user investigated ways to better use their heating system in order to provide optimum conditions for the birds, while also enhancing cost savings and sustainability.

They had previously replaced their heating system with a biomass boiler but were interested in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system that would provide both heat and low-cost electricity, plus eligibility for the relevant tariff under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).


The end user selected a Heliex GenSet as opposed to a competing technology for generating power from steam, such as an ORC system, because of the higher residual temperature at the outlet of a GenSet, required for heating the chicken sheds.
The burning of chicken litter provides a low-cost fuel source for the biomass boiler and efficient disposal of the chicken waste, which brings even more savings.

Fuel savings: 1036 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Payback on the Heliex machine: Under one year