Distilling Case Study


Case Studies


Industry: Whisky

Application: Pressure Reduction valve (PRV)

Country: UK

Power: 110kW

Model: HP145

Steam in/out: 7 Bar G/ 3 Bar G

Global Drinks Company dedicated to improving sustainability installs a Heliex system as part of pilot scheme.


Our client produces some of the world’s most iconic whiskies. They’ve undertaken various environmental improvements including installing a biomass plant, introducing bottle recycling using sustainably sourced wood for all of their whisky casks. The Scottish whisky industry as a whole is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, moving away from fossil fuel and sending no waste to landfill by 2020.


Determined to reduce its environmental impact even further, our client investigated a selection of innovative Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technologies that would allow them to utilise the wasted steam during the distilling process to generate electricity. This will significantly reduce energy bills and reliance on fossil fuels.


An HP145 GenSet has been installed at one of our client’s distilleries in the North of Scotland as an initial pilot project. The system sits outside where it generates 110kW of low cost electricity for use on site or to be exported to the grid, resulting in significant savings on energy costs and less reliance on fossil fuels.