Italian district heating case study


Case Studies

Italian District Heating

Industry: Pallet production/ district heating

Application: Biomass

Country: Italy

Power: 132 kW

Model: HP145

Steam in/out: 14 Bar G/ 1.5 Bar G

A local collaboration between industry and other partners sees the installation of a biomass district heating scheme. A Heliex system is used to generate 132 kW of electricity, which is eligible for payments from the Feed-in Tariff.


A pallet producer in the Italian town of Fondo worked with a local partners to install a biomass district heating scheme. The integration of a Heliex system creates a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant that generates heat and electricity. Heliex’s Italian channel partner SON, oversaw the complete project.


The aim of the project was to enhance local environmental resources and ensure a sustainable supply chain. The varying heat demand was taken into consideration because it is low during summer months and much higher during winter. This could impact the amount of electricity generated.


Two high pressure steam raising biomass boilers with a total capacity of 5 MW were installed in a new boiler house. The wooden scraps from the saw mill are used to fuel the boiler and the low cost heat is sold to the local community. The electricity generated by the Heliex system is fed into the electricity grid and is eligible for Feed-in tariffs for CHP technology under 200kW. The Heliex system was chosen because it handles fluctuating steam flows and is a good solution for the varying seasonal heat demand.