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Industry: Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Application: Pressure Reduction valve (PRV)

Country: UK

Power: 250kW

Model: HP 204

Steam in/out: 22.5 Bar G / 10 Bar G

One of Europe’s best known MDF manufacturers embraces a smart power generation technology to improve efficiency at its newly upgraded production and research plant. Payback on the Heliex system is just over 2 years. 


Our client is committed to sustainability and innovation and recently undertook a €15 million investment to improve production facilities at their plant in Ireland. Following the upgrade they looked into new technologies that would allow them to maximise energy efficiency on site.


The existing steam distribution system at the plant comprises of two packaged boilers supplying 22.5 Bar G transmission pressure, reduced through a Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) to 10 Bar G, for factory processes. Our client investigated how to utilise this otherwise wasted steam pressure drop to generate a source of power.  Heliex beat a competing technology on both price and performance.


One HP204 Heliex GenSet produces 250kW power for use locally or to be sold back to the grid.

Annually around £173, 000 of electricity and nearly 100 tons of carbon are saved, thanks to the installation of the Heliex system.  The payback period on the equipment is just 2.5 years.  

Working with Heliex has enabled our client to properly assess and reevaluate their steam usage and they are looking into optimising their steam utilsation pressure, which will potentially result in even greater amounts of electrical generation.