't Voske Mushroom Farm


Case Studies

't Voske Mushroom Farm in the Netherlands

Industry: Farming/ Nursery

Application: Biomass

Country: Netherlands

Power: 160 kW

Model: Heliex GenSet HP145

Steam in/out: 18 bar g /1 bar g

A Heliex GenSet produces 160kW of low-cost electricity for a successful mushroom farm with ambitions to become the worlds first grower with a complete energy and climate-neutral nursery.

Our client, Wattplant B.V. runs a fully sustainable and chemical free mushroom farm called 't Voske, in Brabant Uden. Their portabello mushrooms are sold across the world. 


The farm previously tried other power generation systems to provide their energy needs but they didn't deliver the expected results.

The owners investigated alternative technologies that would use the steam in a biomass boiler to generate a low cost and low carbon supply of electricity and provide residual steam at the correct temperature.

Mushrooms naturally grow mostly in the woods, on the moist and humid ground, so temperature is an important factor in this sector.

This climate is replicated in the mushroom sheds where the correct temperature is essential.


A steam raising biomass boiler was integrated with a Heliex HP 145 GenSet to deliver the correct power and temperature outputs.

The residual heat is used to warm the sheds, and cool them with an absorption chiller when necessary, and is also sold to a next door strawberry farm.

The electricity is available for use on site and eligible for payments from the feed-in-tariff.

Payback on the Heliex system is under three years.

Payback on Heliex system is under one year.