Nursery Case Study


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Nursery Case Study

Industry: Nursery

Application: Biomass

Country: UK

Power: 400 kW

Model: HP 204

Steam in/out: 16 Bar G /0.5 Bar G

Known for it's innovative use of technology and drive for sustainability, a large family run nursery installed a Heliex GenSet alongside a 7MW biomass boiler to generate low cost electricity and satisfy it's heat requirements. 


Our client is large and long established family run nursery in North West England.
A forward thinking horticultural company specialising in the production of tomatoes and annual ornamental plants, it crops eight acres of long season tomatoes, producing over 1600 tons per annum.


The customer utilised coal and other fossil fuels to heat the greenhouses.
They proposed the installation of a biomass boiler to provide the heat requirement, plus the integration of a Heliex GenSet to create an efficient CHP system, which would provide sustainable, low cost, heat and electricity.


The client undertook all installation work.
A 7MW steam generating biomass boiler was installed, with the boiler pressure reduced via a pressure reduction valve to a process heat exchanger inlet pressure of between 0 and 0.5 Bar G.

A Heliex GenSet was installed in parallel with the pressure reduction valve to take advantage of the expansion energy within the steam and generate electricity to improve the overall performance of the plant.
The residual heat is the ideal temperature for heating the greenhouses and the electricity can be used on site or sold back to the grid.
The combined biomass boiler and Heliex system is eligible for financial incentives through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme for biomass CHP installations in the UK.

Payback on the Heliex system is under one year.