Paper and Board Case Study


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Paper and Board

Industry: Paper and Board

Application: Pressure Reduction valve (PRV)

Country: UK

Power: 81 kW

Model: HP145

Steam in/out: 20 Bar G / 10 Bar G

 A cutting edge paper and board manufacturer with a focus on sustainability embarks on a pilot project to install a Heliex HP 145 GenSet, providing annual electricity savings of £60,000 a year


Our client is a specialist materials group and maker of fine paper, with a presence across more than 50 countries. Producing some of the world’s most technically advanced paper products, they work with high profile clients, in a diverse range of industries including aerospace and food and drink.


Our client has embraced a number of renewable technologies as it increases output, and consequently energy consumption, at its main manufacturing site in the North of England. 

Also keen to exploit the energy contained within its onsite process steam it investigated the Heliex system as a way to increase sustainability and general efficiency even further.


Our client has embarked on a pilot project installing a Heliex HP 145 GenSet  in parallel with the Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) in the existing steam distribution system.  The onsite steam is super-heated and so a water injector de-superheater has also been installed.

The pilot will run for 24 months, during which time the performance of the Heliex system will be monitored. Following the pilot, our client will be given the option to purchase the Heliex GenSet and upgrade to a system size that will fully maximise the potential energy from their steam flow.

The current carbon offset is 75 tonnes per year and annual electricity savings are £60,000.