Pharmaceutical industry


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Pharmaceutical industry

Industry: Pharmaceutical Application: Fossil Fuel Country: Italy
Power: 315 kW
Model: HP 204
Steam in/out: 18 bar g/ 3.5 bar g

Italian pharmaceutical plant installs Heliex GenSet as part of CHP plant upgrade to boost efficiency and improve energy savings.


The end user operates a historic plant that produces basic molecules for the pharmaceutical industry and recently launched a large-scale energy efficiency boosting project.


Their site was equipped with a 3800 kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant dating back to the 1960’s.

It met internal heat and power requirements but prompted by new production needs, the customer sought innovative solutions for enhanced efficiency.

The thermoelectric plant was to be dismantled and replaced with a state-of-the-art co-generation plant, featuring the best energy efficiency technology systems on the market.


A new cogeneration plan was installed, comprising of a reciprocating gas engine equipped with a WHR steam boiler, an additional gas fired boiler and the Heliex HP 204 GenSet.

The new fire tube boiler produces saturated steam to help meet the plant’s thermal heat requirement and generates steam at an adequate pressure to feed the Heliex GenSet. This gives the customer an opportunity to self-produce an additional 315kW electrical power.

It was essential that the Heliex steam expander was equipped with a special sealing kit to ensure no contamination of process steam, due to the plant's pharmaceutical processes.

Driven by the Plant Control System, the GenSet automatically meets the thermal demands of the plant, regulating the downstream pressure on the set value, effectively responding to fluctuating steam flows.

The complete CHP installation, including gas engine, fire tube boiler and Heliex system was approved as a high efficient cogeneration system, allowing its owners access to high financial incentives for low carbon technologies.