Steel Case Study


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Industry: Steel
Application: Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV)
Country: Italy
Power: 110 kW Model: HP145
Steam in/out: 15.5 Bar G / 4 Bar G

Long established Italian steel mill, AST Terni, recognises the importance of future proofing their business by adopting measures to convert their existing waste steam into usable electrical power.

Steel mill Acciai Speciali Terni (AST), was founded in 1884. The company is one of Italy’s largest manufacturers of stainless steel strip, having its main facility at Terni in Umbria. The site distributes steam at 16.5 Bar A and this is reduced for use locally via pressure reduction valves (PRVs).

AST are a forward thinking, long established business who have an ongoing assessment of energy saving potential on the site reducing their long term power costs without relying so much on escalating energy prices.

The Solution
A Heliex Power HP145 GenSet, operating at 4500rpm, driving a 3000rpm asynchronous generator via a toothed belt transmission. The GenSet is waterproof, so suited AST’s site and outdoor positioning.

The unit was supplied as a packaged and factory tested generator set, and is CE approved. It is single skid mounted with dimensions of 2.75m x 1.7m x 2m (LxWxH), weighing 3500kg and suitable for lifting and positioning by fork lift truck. No special foundations were required so can be placed on flat hard standing.

From arrival at the site, the customer installation and connection took approximately 2 days. Commissioning and start-up was provided by Heliex personnel; this took approximately one day, although we remained on site longer to carry out user training and testing.