Waste Incineration Case Study


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Waste Incineration

Industry: Waste Incineration
Application: Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)
Country: UK
Power: 160 kWe Model: HP204
Steam in/out: 7 Bar G /0.5 Bar G

A leading healthcare waste services provider will benefit from annual electricity savings of around £120,000 thanks to the integration of a Heliex GenSet, allowing them to utilise the heat from their furnace gasses that would otherwise be wasted.

Our client, a forward thinking, high energy user, operates a number of sites across the UK where medical waste is incinerated at temperatures of as high as 1000°C.

Looking to exploit the energy from the heat in the furnace gasses, our client explored a number of options that would allow them to generate their own power on site, resulting in reduced energy bills and less reliance on electricity from the grid.

The Solution
A Heliex HP 204 GenSet was incorporated into the sites existing process for cooling the incineration furnace gasses. A heat exchanger is used to absorb the heat from the furnace gasses to heat water, which is turned into steam. This steam goes through the Heliex System, where it generates electricity, before being condensed to water and then returned to the heat exchanger to start the process again.

The system is expected to generate 1,352MWh per year, resulting in a payback of just over 2 years.