Your Partner In The Zero-Carbon Transition

As the world deals from the shock of Covid-19, there is a strong drive within industry and governments to build on the dramatic carbon reductions we have seen over this period.

Regulatory, commercial, social and environmental imperatives have put carbon reduction, sustainability and lowering energy costs at the top of the business agenda.

Eliminating carbon from industrial operations poses a variety of challenges, and the measures required vary for different types of organisation.

Heleix Power has developed cleantech innovative equipment, which is already in market, and is making this transition easier. 

Converting assets to low carbon, energy-efficient models and investing in renewable technology are important Oir Twin Screw Turbines convert wet process steam into electricity using comple technology in a simple and easily integrateble way. 

We can install our cleantech generation assets on your site to directly supply your premises, to be exported to the grid or to fuel local district systems to ensure you minimise wastage and maximise the value of energy.