Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing



Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

We help clients in the Chemicals Industry globally to cut energy costs. 

The chemicals industry is one of the world's largest energy consumers.

The high temperatures and significant amounts of steam required in the chemical industries results in many opportunities for energy recovery.

By utilising a Heliex System our customers benefit from an attractive return on investment, security of supply and improved environmental impact. 

The Heliex system is an excellent solution for the chemicals industry because: 

  • Unlike with other power generation technologies, such as a steam turbine, wet steam can be used without damage to the machine
  • A range of steam pressures and varying flow rates can be accommodated
  • It's an excellent utilisation of excess steam that might otherwise be wasted
  • Installed in parallel with an existing Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) it doesn't interfere with production processes
  • Simple plug and play installation