If you work in the dairy industry then it's likely that a reduction in energy costs could make a significant impact on your overall efficiency. 

We've worked with many of the world's leading food and drink manufacturers to help them use their on site process steam to generate a low cost supply of electricity. 

Steam use in dairies

Steam is used in dairies in many ways but is typically available in high flowrates and pressures before being reduced at different stages towards the point of use.

Activities such as evaporation and spray drying, found within powder production, are particularly electricity and steam intensive.

This presents the perfect opportunity for the installation of a Heliex GenSet and the Heliex SteamComp. 

These conditions are an ideal fit for Heliex’s technology because:

  • The Heliex system is simply installed in parallel with the pressure reduction valve in the existing steam system.  
  • A range of steam pressures and varying flow rates can be accommodated.
  • Plug and play installation ideal for a busy production plant.

Producing a low cost supply of electricity, a Heliex GenSet has a typical ROI of under 3 years.