Food and drink



Food and drink

Food and beverage manufacturing is energy intensive and operates within tight margins. Installing a Heliex system allows you to cut operating costs simply using the energy found within your process steam.

Typical on payback on a HP Power Generator is under 3 years, with the system continuing to produce low cost electricity for over 20 years, ensuring security of energy supply and reduced energy costs.

Food and beverage manufacturing offers many opportunities for the installation of a Heliex system as processes such as cooking and heating use large amounts of steam.

Clients in this industry are also looking at the installation of local biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants as an alternative to gas boilers to generate steam, presenting another opportunity to save money on your energy costs with a Heliex system.

A Good Fit

When there is steam available on site, a Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) is typically used to regulate the pressure of steam required by a process. This creates ample opportunities for energy recovery.

The Heliex system is an excellent solution for the food industry because:

• Wet steam can be used without damage to the machine

• A range of steam pressures and varying flowrates can be accommodated

• Excellent utilisation of excess steam that may otherwise be wasted

• Doesn't interfere with the production process

• Simple plug and play installation

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