Cut energy costs in the glass industry

The glass industry is highly energy intensive. The four main sectors in the industry are container glass, speciality glass, flat glass and fibre glass, with each reducing energy consumption by about 1.5 % each year since the 1960's.

At Heliex we've worked with an Italian glass manufacturer on an award winning installation to help them utilise the wasted heat in their furnace gasses to generate a low cost supply of electricity and heat. 

Glass products and their characteristics, as well as the production and onsite processes, show large variations. However, batch preparation, melting and refining, conditioning and forming, and finishing (annealing, tempering, polishing or coating) steps are found in virtually all glass plants and are the biggest energy users.

Ideal for process industries, where steam is available in large quantities the Heliex system can be used to: 

  • Generate a low cost supply of electricity
  • Drive a piece of equipment
  • Re-energise low pressure steam 
  • Power an air compressor 

The Heliex system works with 'wet steam,' unlike other power generation technologies, such as steam turbines, which require the more expensive 'dry,' variety.

It also accommodates a wide range of steam pressures and varying flow rates, helping to utilise steam that would otherwise be wasted.