Poultry producers can now generate a low cost supply of heat and electricity using their poultry litter. 

Integrating a Heliex GenSet with a biomass boiler creates a unique Combined Heat & Power (CHP) solution that uses poultry litter as fuel. 

What are the benefits?

  • No more reliance on expensive fossil fuels
  • Heat and electricity can be used on site or sold back to the grid
  • System can be eligible for government incentives (country specific)
  • No need to pay for collection and disposal of poultry litter

Fuel will become much cheaper so you can run the boiler for for longer, resulting in increased environmental conditions for the stock. 

What is Poultry Litter?

Bulk poultry litter is a mixture of manure, bedding material and water.

Why use Poultry Litter as fuel?

Concerns around poultry litter such as risks to health and dust, smell, and water pollution, mean that it can be tricky to dispose of, especially in large quantities.

Many poultry farms pay to have the litter taken away and disposed of, often in accordance with governmental regulations. 

Now the litter can be disposed of on site and then used as a ‘free’ source of fuel & heat. The user gets all the benefits of a biomass CHP system, without having to pay for biomass fuel.

The ash produced by the biomass boiler can then be spread on the land as it’ll be rich in nutrients, without the ammonia and nitrogen of poultry litter.