Cut costs and boost efficiency in the timber industry

The Timber industry is worth £18 billion each year in the UK alone. Globally it is an industry in high demand and yet it faces many challenges, including rising costs. 

From producing wood products, to the harvesting of timber, wood processing in the sawmill and manufacturing, the timber supply chain comprises a vast number of processes, which can potentially integrate a Heliex System to help cut energy costs and increase sustainability. 

We've worked with a number of timber companies across Europe, from pallet producers to MDF manufacturers and biomass suppliers, to help them boost efficiency. 

Ideal for integration with a steam raising biomass boiler or processes where steam is available in large quantities, the Heliex system can be used to: 

  • Generate a low cost supply of electricity
  • Drive a piece of equipment
  • Re-energise low pressure steam 
  • Power an air compressor 


The Heliex system works with 'wet steam,' unlike other power generation technologies, such as steam turbines that require the more expensive 'dry,' variety.

It also accommodates a wide range of steam pressures and varying flow rates, helping to utilise steam that would otherwise be wasted.