Waste Incineration



Waste Incineration

An efficient way to generate electricity from heat energy in flue gasses.

We work with some of the industry's leading waste service providers. We have an in-depth and global understanding of this industry and how clients in the sector can increase profitability using our patented technology

Incineration at high temperatures means lots of potential for energy recovery. We do that where others can't.

The resultant flue gasses need to be cooled before being treated and provide an excellent means of raising steam. 


The Heliex GenSet is an ideal solution for waste incinerators because: 

  • It utilises steam that would otherwise be wasted
  • Saturated steam can be used; it doesn't have to be superheated 
  • It can accept the varying steam loads resulting from waste products
  • As the demand varies, any steam not required for export for additional revenue will be used on site for electrical generation 

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