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Biomass win in Netherlands for Heliex Power
Biomass win in Netherlands for Heliex Power

This week Heliex Power won an order for a GenSet which will be integrated within a biomass plant in Zaandam, the main city of the municipality of Zaanstad, in the Netherlands.

The new Power Plant will be fuelled with wood chips from the region and will have a capacity of more than 3 MW of heat, enough for the heating of around 2,200 homes in Zaandam.

In addition, by channelling wet steam from the main process through Heliex’s GenSet, electricity will be generated. This electricity will be used for the Power Plant‘s own operating use and part of the output will be supplied back to the public grid as green electricity.

In doing so, it reduces the operating costs of the plant in a highly efficient way and generates income for the client through the re-sale of power back to the grid. It’s a win, win scenario.

The complete installation will be operational at the end of this year.

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