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Heliex Power win orders in another new green segment.
Heliex Power win orders in another new green segment.

Clients specialising in producing clean, green fuel from waste by-products & agro-crops are ordering our GenSets

One new order is from Argent Energy. Argent Energy pioneered the large-scale commercial production of bio diesel in the UK and is now the UK’s foremost sustainable biodiesel producer and fuel supplier.

At one of their UK refinery's, steam is generated through a biomass boiler which utilises waste streams from the production plant. This steam is distributed through the plant and used for thermal processes including the heating of oil and feed stock storage tanks, pipelines & processing equipment.

According to Argent’s UK Plant Manager: “The opportunity to convert some of the unused process steam into electricity using Heliex's leading technology product, makes Argent Energy's Oil refinery electrically self-sufficient, with the added bonus of some of the power attracting RHI revenue.”

Even without RHI income, customers are generating gains of circa £1million across a typical asset life-span, with paybacks on CAPEX of less than 2 years. This also helps cushion clients from ever rising energy bills and aids carbon tax reductions.

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Argent Energy - Established in 2001 and acquired by John Swire & Sons (Green Investments) Ltd in 2013, Argent Energy is a privately-owned company with operations in Scotland and North West England and has recently completed acquisitions in the Netherlands.