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Biomass recycling site to benefit from CHP
Biomass recycling site to benefit from CHP
A wood recycling site in the UK is expected to generate over £1 million ($1.25 million) in additional revenue after installing new combined heat and power (CHP) technology.

The Pedigree Power recycling site in Northamptonshire converts around 25,000 tonnes per year of waste wood to biomass and includes a 30,000-tonne wastewater processing plant.

The addition of a steam-raising boiler and a 580 kWe genset from Heliex Power will allow the facility to become energy self-sufficient, providing its own power and heat. Heliex Power said the 580 kWe system will be twinned with one of its 103 kWe units at the facility.

The new system will allow Pedigree Power to benefit from enhanced Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI) and Contract for Difference (CfD) payments.

Chris Armitage (pictured), CEO of Heliex Power, said: ‘Biomass plant operators across the UK have identified our technology as a simple way of maximizing returns and boosting sustainability even further, by generating a low-cost supply of electricity in addition to the heat supplied by their boiler. This is the largest system we have sold to date, testament to the fact that more businesses and sectors are realizing the potential of innovative technologies for CHP.

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