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Climate Risks for Industry
Climate Risks for Industry

When you think about #climatechange, whether you believe in 5% of the science or 100% of the science, it is clear that society, governments, finance and industry are increasingly designing strategies to influence the climate theme.

More and more, industry are raising questions about whether they should think about investing differently and whether they should add the lens of #climaterisks to their investment strategy. The answer is of course Yes.

Industry leaders are accustomed to solving complex, multi-stakeholder issues. But climate change poses existential questions that span portfolio strategy, operations, production, marketing, investor relations, and more.

One thing is for certain … it demands action to mitigate risks. But it also presents opportunities for growth.

The normal rules of business don’t stop when it comes to sustainability, #netzerocarbon and #corporateresponsibility. Pragmatic solutions still matter. So does ROI. Heliex Power can help industry meet these challenges profitably and thrive in a post carbon world.

To discover how our innovative Twin Screw Turbines can help convert waste heat or process steam into clean, #sustainableenergy and reduce your climate risk, email