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New Boiler?  Upgrade to a Heliex Power Combined Heat & Power Solution
New Boiler? Upgrade to a Heliex Power Combined Heat & Power Solution

Are you purchasing a new steam boiler? Take the opportunity to upgrade your boiler and generate a low-cost and sustainable supply of electricity or compressed air at the same time.

Upgrading to a higher-pressure boiler allows you to utilise Heliex’s unique steam expander technology to reduce your energy costs and enhance sustainability, with no modifications to your existing steam system.

A Heliex GenSet or AirComp is simply integrated into your steam system where it operates alongside your boiler and uses the available steam flow to generate electricity or compressed air, while maintaining the required steam pressure for the downstream processes.

With an overall efficiency in excess of 80%, the low-cost electricity from the Heliex GenSet provides a healthy return on investment. Alternatively, use a Heliex AirComp to generate compressed air at even higher system efficiency.

In less than three years your Heliex system will produce enough electricity or compressed air to payback the extra cost of purchasing a higher-pressure boiler and the Heliex equipment.

You’ll then go on to enjoy a supply of low-cost electricity or compressed air for more than 20 years.

The Heliex CHP solution includes:

  • Steam boiler
  • Heliex GenSet
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Zero Capex options