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Where can you find flash steam and why should you recover it?

13 March 2018

If you read our last blog article then you will know what flash steam is. Here we look at what type of industries typically operate with flash steam and why you should recover this valuable resource instead of wasting it by venting it to the atmosphere.

What is flash steam?

26 February 2018

We've written an eBook dedicated to flash steam and three reasons why you should recover it, including saving money and boosting efficiency and sustainability. Wondering what flash steam is? Here we start with a simple explanation.

Heliex Power confirmed as a Gold Sponsor of interCOGEN

20 February 2018

Heliex is delighted to be a gold sponsor of this years interCOGEN.

Happy Christmas from Heliex

19 December 2017

Happy Christmas from everyone at Heliex Power! It's been a busy year for us all at Heliex. We've launched new products, clocked up over 150,000 operating hours, secured lots of lovely press coverage and written our first E-book. Thank you for all your support throughout 2017.