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Two Heliex systems dispatched to the Netherlands

05 December 2017

Two Heliex 630 kW GenSets left our rainy East Kilbride headquarters last week on route to the Netherlands, where they will be integrated into a biomass CHP plant.

Heliex Ebook: 3 Reasons why you should Recover your Flash Steam

21 November 2017

Download our new Ebook and learn about how flash steam is no different from, ‘normal,’ or ‘live,’ steam and how you can use it to cut your energy costs and boost sustainability.

The Heliex SteamComp Interview  

07 November 2017

The Heliex SteamComp is one of three new products launched by Heliex Power. Here we get to know it a little better by speaking to two of the team behind it.

Saving Energy: Harnessing Steam

18 October 2017

For many food and drink companies, the key to improving water and energy efficiency lies in how effectively they harness by-products like steam. Wet steam – the type of vapor that emanates from a boiled kettle – is produced in vast quantities by a range of industries including the food and drink sector. But traditionally, it couldn’t be utilised because wet steam damages conventional steam turbines.