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Heliex Installation at Vetrobalsamo turns one!
Heliex Installation at Vetrobalsamo turns one!

The Heliex system at Vetrobalsamo glass plant in Italy was commissioned one year ago this month, marking a significant milestone for the busy plant that has since produced over 180 million glass bottles.

This installation was a particularly exciting one for Heliex and our Italian channel partner, SON, as it was part of an award winning €2m project to harness the waste heat from the furnaces in the glass factory, to turn into useable, sustainable, power for the plant and local district heating scheme.

As we continue to rack up total run hours on Heliex systems across the globe, we’re delighted that the system has performed so well - boasting a reliability of over 98.5%.

Since install the Heliex system at Vetrobalsamo has:

  • Generated for 8500 hours
  • Produced 1,130,000 kWh of energy
  • Saved 450 tons * of Co2 ( the equivalent of 161 tonnes of waste sent to landfill)

 To read more about the Heliex installation at Vetrobalsamo please click here.

 *referred to EU27 CO2 average emission per kWh