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Medical Waste Service providers opts for Heliex Power technology
Medical Waste Service providers opts for Heliex Power technology

Heliex Power Ltd, a UK based renewable energy product manufacturer, has won another order in the specialist waste incineration sector.

This strengthens the companies penetration into a sector where specialists - chemical, medical, hazardous & biological waste incineration & management organisations - install its power generation technology at incineration sites.

In this instance the client, a specialist waste services provider, is expected to benefit from electricity savings of around £1.2m over ten years, thanks to the integration of Heliex's patented technology.

The Heliex system is incorporated into this client's existing process for cooling the incineration furnace gasses. Once cooled the gasses are made safe before being released to the atmosphere in a highly efficient way of utilising heat which would otherwise be wasted.

A spokesperson for Heliex Power, said: "Our technology is ideally suited to projects where there is an abundance of waste heat as we can harness it in a cost effective and reliable way. As a direct consequence, this results in lower energy bills and less reliance on energy from fossil fuels for our clients."