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October 2016 RHI update: Act now - improved returns for biomass CHP systems isong Heliex Generator sets

In July the government introduced changes to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariff for biomass CHP plants with under 20% power efficiency, with only 21 days notification. 

Following pressure from industry bodies, the Government has announced a transitional period, where the tariff reductions will only apply to plants that produce 10% or less power, known as power efficiency, with the remaining 90% being heat.

This change means that customers installing a Heliex system as part of biomass CHP project will enjoy enhanced returns for the 20 year duration of the RHI scheme on all systems installed and commissioned before 31 March 2017.

In many cases the returns on a biomass system installed with a Heliex system will increase by more than double than if a biomass boiler were installed alone. The Heliex system will typically pay for itself in under 1 year.

Orders must be placed by the end of November to meet the March commissioning deadline.

Please see below for an updated guide on the returns that can be expected.

Heliex HP 145 110 kW system

Increased income for biomass CHP: Per annum £294,097, over 20 years £5,881,946

Heliex HP 204 200Kw System

 Increased income for biomass CHP: Per annum £525,892, over 20 years £10,517,845