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Scottish engineering firm heads East
Scottish engineering firm heads East

A Scottish Engineering firm has signed up a South East Asian marketing partner as demand for alternative energy systems in the region soars.

East Kilbride based Heliex Power will work with Boilermaster, a recognised provider of customised heat transfers solutions, to market its patented heat recovery systems across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

South East Asian countries are currently experiencing a population boom combined with economic growth and are urgently seeking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

Many have set ambitious carbon reduction targets that are even higher than the European Union’s goal for 20% renewable energy in the overall energy supply by 2020. Thailand is hoping to generate 25% of total output from renewable sources by 2022 and the Philippines is seeking to meet 50% by 2030, up from its current 40%.

Dan Wright, CEO, Heliex Power said: “This is a very exciting strategic move for Heliex as we expand our global reach and satisfy the growing demand for our systems. By combining our innovative technology with Boilermaster’s areas of expertise and local knowledge we aim to deliver cost effective and efficient solutions for local industry and agricultural clients.”

Tan Pit Chye, Technical Manager, Boilermaster said: “Heliex products are a natural extension of Boilermaster’s product mix and we have identified many opportunities in the area due to the drive for green technologies.  With our growing presence in South East Asia and our engineering expertise in heat transfer equipment construction, replacement and maintenance, we are well positioned to promote Heliex products, contributing to a better world.”

Based on a steam screw expander, the Heliex System is a unique rotary device that recovers energy from different heat sources. Recent installations include a waste incineration plant in northern England, a Scottish distillery, Italian glass factory and a UK chemicals plant.

The company currently works with 21 sales channels globally, including distributors, marketing partners and original equipment manufacturers.