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Heliex GenSet - Generator Set

Use our original application to harness your steam and save on your energy costs. 

The Heliex GenSet harnesses saturated process steam and generates low cost electricity that can be used onsite or sold back to the grid.

With no disruption to your plant production, our system is easy to install, provides tailored outputs from 70 to 630 kWe based on your specific requirements and pays for itself in less than three years.

Industries from pharmaceuticals to farming, biomass to waste incineration, have all increased profitability and enhanced sustainability due to the installation of a Heliex GenSet. 

If you want to generate low cost electricity, all you require is your steam. 



For technical information read our data sheets below: 

HP 145 data sheet

HP 204 up to 400 kW

HP 500 and 630 kW  

The three applications 

The Heliex GenSet has three different applications: 

  • Fossil Fuels
  • Biomass
  • Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)

Fossil Fuels 

The Heliex system is installed in your steam system in parallel with the Pressure Reduction Valve, after the steam boiler, where it drops the steam pressure to what’s required for a particular process.

At the same time the Heliex system extracts energy from the steam, which is used to generate a free supply of electricity to be used on site or sold back to the grid.

Read the case studies here.


Using a biomass boiler to generate electricity as well as heat provides a reliable supply of low cost electricity that can be used on site or sold back to the grid. 

After the Heliex GenSet the steam can be used for drying or cooling processes, or domestic hot water, space or district heating.

If you’re in the UK then Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments will increase significantly as you will qualify for a higher Combined Heat and Power (CHP) tariff.

Typically you can expect a return on investment on the Heliex system of just under one year.


Waste Heat recovery (WHR) 

Utilising wasted heat is a simple way to cut costs and improve onsite efficiency.

The Heliex GenSet uses waste heat from biogas installations, diesel and gas engine exhausts and process flue gasses to generate electricity and meet heat demands, without the need for additional fuel.

In a Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) application the Heliex GenSet has its own boiler and condenser so that steam can be raised from the hot fluid. This steam goes through the Heliex GenSet, which generates a free supply of electricity.

Afterwards, the steam can be used for an onsite process or is the perfect temperature for district, space or water heating. It can then be returned to the boiler for re-use in the cycle.


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