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Heliex AirComp - Air Compressor

Any process that generates waste steam and requires compressed air will benefit from the Heliex AirComp. 

Using the same technology as our original Heliex GenSet, this application generates high efficiency compressed air more economically than a traditional electrical generator by exploiting onsite process steam.

The Heliex AirComp is a unique air compressor. It combines the benefits of Heliex's steam expander technology, with standard industrial air compressor technology, creating an efficient 'plug and play,' package. 


If you want to generate compressed air, all you require is your steam.


A complete range of industrial compressed air pressures and flow-rates can be generated from industrial saturated steam. 

Integrated alongside the existing steam pressure reduction valve , the Heliex AirComp reduces all or part of the available steam flow to drive a Heliex expander and generate compressed air.

With payback within three years and an output of instrument air between 7 and 10 Bar G, the Heliex AirComp is an economical way of generating compressed air.