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Heliex SteamComp - Steam Recompressor

A cost effective way to revitalise low pressure steam.  

Use the Heliex SteamComp to capture your low pressure steam and re-energise it for use in your processes. 

Many industrial processes produce low pressure steam, either from the outlet of a process or as flash steam after the pressure of high temperature condensate is reduced. 

Usually the steam is condensed and the resulting water returned to the boiler,where it's heated and converted back into steam. This process is inefficient because energy is expended to convert the steam to water and then again to convert it back to steam. 

A low energy alternative 

The Heliex SteamComp re-compresses the steam, taking it directly from a low pressure to a higher pressure, providing a highly efficient, low energy alternative to condensing and then re-vaporising it in a boiler. 










  • Payback of under 3 years 
  • Uses the same principle as heat pumps by utilising external (electrical) energy to re-energise steam.
  • Ideal for counties and sites where there is a low electricity price. 
  • Highly efficient with a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of between 5 - 15.